54.99 19.25 USD

Diamond Rank 


  • [Diamondprefix in chat and tabs.
  • Queue Priority results in faster connections to the SMP Realm.
  • Access to /clear - Clear your inventory.
  • Access to /craft - Open a virtual crafting table.
  • Access to /enderchest - Open your enderchest!
  • Access to /trash - Open a virtual trash can to throw your garbage out.
  • Access to /back - Return to your previous location.
  • Access to /nickname - Change your nickname
  • Access to /ext - Defuse fire on your player
  • Access to /feed - Regenerate your hunger bar to full
  • Access to /invsee - Check player's inventory, perhaps trust issues?
  • Access to /repair hand - Repair the item in your hand.
  • Access to /repair all - Repair all items in your inventory
  • Access to /heal - Regenerate your health and food level.
  • Access to use [item] in chat
  • Access to 10x homes (/home)
  • Access to 5x Player Vault (/pv 5)
  • Access to the Diamond Kit (/kit Diamond)

On purchase, you will receive the following:

  • $15,000 in-game money
  • 3x Legendary Keys
  • 12x Town Warp Slots
  • 15x Auction House Slots
  • 35x Claim Chunks for your Town
  • 70x Chest Shop Slots